A mother-daughter association

- Marie and Cléo - 

I have always worked in the fashion industry and with young designers, and my mother is qualified seamstress. 

She has a lot of ideas, of passion too : She spends much of her time in her workshop. Always for tailor-made products, for her clients. 

With MaisonCléo, we partner to propose you simple but worked pieces (everything is handmade), always with beautiful materials, that is another point important for us. The margin and prices are calculated as fairly as possible and explained on every product page. The idea is to share her know-how and to make the made in France accessible to everyone.

Why Cléo ? It is the nickname of my mother since her twenties. Old friends call her only "Cléo" and never by her real name. Cléo refers to Cléopâtre and to her black short hair, black eyeliner and gold big jewels she used to wear in her youth. She also always matched her outfit with her scrunchie, thats why we offer a matching scrunchie with each order.


and because this brand is a family story...

All the pieces have a name that refers to the women of our family, and here is the story of two women who made this brands creation possible :

Louise, the grandmother of my grandmother ! When my grandmother talks about her, it's the term "great lady" that always comes back in her memories.

Louise, born in the 19th century was a great lady, had three husbands and divorced three times, was a very modern women for her time.
It was a great seamstress, she was the head of a tailoring workshop with 13 workers at her side. Even if she was situated in the north, some of her clients came from Paris to see her for her tailor-made dresses ! The labels of her clothes, "Bourel Guillaume", name of her husband at this time and her maiden name, were embroidered by hand with gold thread. 

One of her petticoats

And here is Louisette, the grandchild of Louise and my grandmother ! At each family meeting, it's a fact that she is always elegant and is always dressed in her finest clothing (all of course handmade by her) and jewels. Her grandmother Louise taught her how to sew at the age of 14. She then never bought any clothes for her of her four children, she made all of their garments : overalls, dresses, pants, sets... It was for above all (like for my mother) a passion : she dressed her three girls like triplets, liked to make crochetwork and knitting... 

So its thanks to these two women that my mother Nathalie alias Cléo, started sewing. She was firstly enrolled in sewing classes by my grandmother then she was graduated from a sewing school (top of the class with a publication in the newspaper!) in the 80s.